Treatment Plans

Comal Springs Community Acupuncture firmly believes that simple and frequent treatment yields the best results when using acupuncture as a healing modality. This is the way acupuncture is practiced in China today. Often patients will be prescribed a series of treatments. For example, a patient might be given the directions to follow 3 courses of treatment with each course containing one treatment a day for 10 days straight and a 3 day break between each course.

CSCA realizes that most people can’t come get treatment almost every day for a month straight. We have designed our clinic systems and pricing to help people come as frequently as possible for each person’s unique situation. Do what works for you. If you can only come once a week or once every 2 weeks, then that’s great, please do that. You will still see results, just maybe a bit slower.

The following is our recommended frequency of treatment:

Step One

First Visit: Do I like acupuncture at CSCA?
Come check us out. Is acupuncture right for you? Do you like us and how we do things? Are our chairs comfy? Did you fall asleep? Did you have a good experience? Did we help you with your symptoms? You won’t know till you give it a try. Oh, and you can bring your friend or co-worker along to keep you company too. At the end of your first visit, we will give you a frequency of treatment plan that will help with your main complaints.

Step Two

Visit Two through Six: Will acupuncture at CSCA work for me?
At CSCA, we use the next 5 treatments to address your symptoms and to determine if the acupuncture is working for you. You should see some shift in your symptoms within these five treatments. These changes might include decrease in pain, change in location or quality, or general improvement in symptoms. For acute to severe conditions, we recommend you get your 5 treatments in 1 to 2 weeks. For moderate to mild conditions, we recommend the 5 treatments in 2 to 3 weeks. CSCA will give you a written treatment plan at your first visit with our recommendations on it. For people with chronic conditions, we recommend the same initial five treatments within 2 to 3 weeks to help create momentum for change within the body.

Step Three

Visit Seven through…Get enough treatment
The chiropractors call this corrective care. Chinese medicine calls it fixing the root. We just call it getting enough treatment. How many treatments? A simple rule of thumb is to take how many treatments it took to meet your goals and double that. For example, if it took 4 treatments to make your elbow pain get down to a 2/10 and you’re happy with that, then we would recommend another 4 treatments. We will regularly re-evaluate patients after every 10 visits to make sure we are still on track and if treatment continues to make sense. Again, do what works for you.

Step Four

We call these treatments “tune ups”. Patients come in with no real complaints and just want treatments as a preventative or just to maintain satisfactory health levels. Frequency of treatments at this stage can be from once a week, to once a month, or seasonal as needed. Again, do what works for you.

Special Acute Condition Treatments
Sometimes patients will develop or have acute conditions. Often these patients will come in daily or multiple times a week until the condition is back under control. A good example of this is acute migraines or acute back pain. Patients can come in during these flare ups, maybe for a day or several days in a row. These situations are evaluated on an individual basis.