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“I will empower you to feel your best.” -Tim Nicosia, L.Ac.

  • I have been treated by Tim for a little over two years through community acupuncture for both chronic and unexpected conditions. I have gone to many different acupuncturists over the years some who have been good and some who have been exceptional in their ability to alleviate my symptoms and do so in a true healer fashion – Tim being one of the exceptional ones. Community acupuncture has been a true life savor for me in so many ways. I would not be able access the amount of acupuncture I have needed over the years if not for community acupuncture. Tim is a very caring and gifted acupuncturist who has treated me for everything from acute back pain to PMS, to anxiety to allergies. I always experience instant and immediate decrease in symptoms upon being treated by him. Tim not only offers a comforting treatment but always does so with a smile on his face

  • Tim is an absolutely wonderful acupuncturist. He uses innovative needling techniques which really do work for the healing process. I’ve been going to Tim for many years and each visit has left me feeling better than when I arrived (even when I’m only coming in for a “tune-up.”). In addition, Tim is an excellent listener. He asks follow-up questions to issues that I present to him. He really tries to find solutions for any ailment that I present to him. I’ve visited him for a number of things that range from trigger thumb, sickness, breathing problems, allergies, irritability, anxiety, aches/pains in muscles – along with much more. Given that I subscribe to going to acupuncture regularly (with or without a problem), I always end up feeling more peaceful and at ease after our session. He’s truly a healer. He’s truly someone that everyone should visit for any issue – big or small.Thank you Tim for keeping me well!

  • I am thankful to have found this place and I have benefitted greatly from the treatments of acupuncturist, Tim Nicosia. His treatments for relieving stress and burn-out were very effective and healing. Tim is very thoughtful and reflective in his approach and has excellent needle technique. In addition, he has a listening ear and a compassionate heart. Tim also has a very friendly and engaging spirit which is settling and comforting. I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone considering improved health and healing. Give him a try, and you will not be disappointed!

  • I’m a huge fan of acupuncture and of Tim Nicosia! I’ve received acupuncture treatments from him for the past 3 years for a variety of ailments and always feel better afterward. Tim is a friendly, caring and very competent practitioner and I encourage anyone considering acupuncture to schedule an appointment with him. Thanks so much Tim for taking such good care of me.